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If you would like to become an affiliate and earn 65% per sale then please click the button below. That's over $6 per sale! Our affiliate program runs through Clickbank.

If you're currently not yet a publisher/affiliate with Clickbank then please click here.

You can also find out more information on using a 'hoplink'. A 'hoplink' enables you to receive credit for each sale.

If you have any problems then please email us

Linking via text link
Use the HTML code below to link your text, making sure to replace USERID with your unique clickbank nickname.
<a href="http://USERID.8secrets.hop.clickbank.net">8ballsecrets</a>
You can also use the images below if you like
Here are a few tips for increasing your sales potential
1) Write a review about the 8ballsecrets ebook on your site
2) Post a review to one of the many article website, such as GoArticles.com and EzineArticles.com
3) Create a blog and post a review there. Use bogging software for free such as Blogger.com
4) Post your link to a suitable pool, billiards or snooker forum. There are thousands to choose from. Remember not to spam.
5) Check out press release websites. Some will allow you to post a press release for a low fee. Check the rules first though
6) Use pay per click advertising, such as Google Adwords etc. This could bring in thousands of people depending on your budget.
If you need help at any time please contact us.

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